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Circutor RGU-10 Residual Current Relay (P11941)

Manufacturer Part No: RGU-10

Circutor RGU-10 Residual Current Relay (P11941)

Manufacturer Part No: RGU-10


£148.54 inc. VAT

Product Description

The RGU-10 Earth Leakage Relay is used for connections with their WG/WGC Current Transformer counter-parts, offering smart protection and electrical service continuity. The immediate leakage value measurements paired with the pre-alarms indications allow for protected line status information, and sufficient preventative maintenance. The measurement of the Current is TRMS and can be programmable for 00.3- 3A or 0.03- 30A to trip the system.

Product Details:
  • Delay: 00.2-10s on instantaneous or selective
  • Dimensions: 3-DIN Module
  • Auxillary Power supply: 230VAC (20% difference)
  • Output contacts: 250 Vac, 6A
  • Remote signal: Pre-alarm


AC Power Supply


6 VA


50 / 60 Hz

Nominal voltage

110 - 230 V~ (± 20 %)

Mechanical Characteristics

Size (W x H x D)

52.5 x 85 x 67.9 (mm)

Cable length to be stripped (mm)


Torque setting

0.5-0.6 Nm

Cable gauge at supply terminals

0.5 … 2 mm²


DIN Rail

Weight (kg)


Environmental characters

Protection Class

IP 20 (terminals), IP 41 (front)

Relative humidity (without condensation)

5 … 95 %

Ambient temperature

-40 … +85 ºC

Operating temperature

-10 … +50 ºC

External reset input for tripping



Maximum power

0,7 W

Maximum voltage

230 Vca ± 20%


Electrical safety, maximum height (m)


Electrical safety, installation category

CAT III 300V ca, IEC 61010


IEC 61008.1, IEC62020, IEC60947-2 Anexo M, IEC 60755

Digital Relay Outputs

Nominal load in AC1

2500 VA

Nominal current

6 A ~

Nominal voltage

250 V ~

Maximum current

15 A ~
Mechanical life10 x 10⁶

Differential Protection

Sensitivity (I∆n), A

3 / 5-10-30 (Setup)


Safety relay type

Class A super-immunised, high-frequency current filtering

Circuit breaker type

Contactor or Circuit Breaker + trigger coil

Differential transformer

External, WG/WGC series


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