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  • What is COP approval?

    CoP metering panels are designed for use on sites consuming more than 100kW of power per annum with a requirement to install half- hourly billing metering. The panels provide a secure enclosure for mounting suitable MID (Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC) approved meters and current transformers (CTs). Once installed, the metering panel can then be connected to a local Metered Supply Point (MSP) from where it will provide accurate load profiling and automated meter readings. Metallic and non metallic enclosures are available supplied compete with the necessary cabling and CT support brackets ready for meter and CT installation.

    CoP 2: For High Voltage sites consuming from 10MW to 100MW with two meters installed and a higher metering accuracy class required than for CoP3 (Typically CL0.2)

    CoP 3: For both Low and High Voltage sites consuming from 1MW to 10MW with two meters installed from 1 set of CT's (main/check). Both meters recording cumulative values with the main meter being used for billing purposes.

    CoP 5: For Low Voltage sites consuming from 100kW to 1MW with a single meter installed.

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  • What does MID stand for?

    The abbreviation MID stands for "Measuring Instruments Directive".

    The Measuring Instruments Directive is a directive by the European Union (EU) which aims to standardise legal metrology across all EU member states/countries.

    You can find out more about MID explained article.

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  • Can I return goods from my order?

    Yes, providing you E-Mail '[email protected]' stating the reason for the return and your request for a credit within 7 days. We will then supply a returns number accordingly to allow to return to our offices below:

    Camax UK Ltd
    Unit 8, Jubilee Court.
    Copgrove, Harrogate
    HG3 3TB

    After the 7 day period any returns may be subject to a 20% handling charge.

    Any MID meters with accumulation units cannot be returned for resale.

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  • Can I order through Metermarket for delivery outside the UK?

    Yes! We are partners with UPS, DHL, TNT, Fedex and DPD which allows us to offer our products and services worldwide.

    You will be asked to supply the following:
    1. EORI number (Economic Operator Registration Identification)
    2. Tax verification number
    3. A commercial invoice including the agreed sale price, your details as the receiver and commodity codes + weights for each item line.

    Please note our delivery quotations do not include any duties which may be enforced by customs. We only ask that you declare the goods with their correct commodity codes with due care to ensure there are no potential disruptions during transit.

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  • How do I track my Meter Market Order?

    If you checked out as a registered user or created an account during checkout, you can log in to your account and view the status and tracking for your order.

    If you have checked out as a guest, you will receive order status updates via email. These updates will include delivery tracking if available.

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  • My meter display has failed - what reading do I give my supplier?

    Due to vast majority of meters on the market containing lithium batteries, their lifespan is approximately 10-12 years (varies depending on model and brand). Subsequently, once the display fails, it is impossible for the user to obtain a reading for the Energy provider or FIT. Therefore, we would advise to check any previous readings from the past year and provide an average reading until a new meter has been installed.

    If you are unsure when you meter was manufactured, any MID meters have 'M' marking which represents the year of manufacture i.e. M17 (2017).

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  • Who can install my meter?

    Customers often ask whether we provide installations and if we can provide a quotation for any particular job. We can offer this service, however, a metering specialist is not always required for every metering project. For example, single phase meters such as Topupmeters, ECA2's, SDM120's and C11's can be installed by any qualified electrician without issue.

    However, with large-scale projects with system integration i.e. Modbus, BACnet, Ethernet or Profibus, we are more than happy to provide a quotation for installation. We can also assist with any post-installation support regarding set-up or configuration of any metering equipment.

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