Circutor WGC Earth Leakage Relay Current Transformer Series

Circutor WGC Earth Leakage Relay Current Transformer Series


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Product Description

The Circutor WGC CT series is designed for use with the RGU Earth Leakage Relay and has a variety of aperture models for different system requirements (25mm-140mm).


Electrical Installation


IEC 60664-1 / IEC 60664-3

Maximum assigned service voltage

720 V

Assigned impulse voltage / pollution

3 kV / III

Measurement Circuit

Assigned transformation ratio, Kn

30 / 0.06 A

Measurement accuracy


Direct thermal current

60 A

Thermal short-circuit current, Ith

1.8 kA / 1 sec

Dynamic current, Idyn

2.5 Ith



Optoisolated voltage-free

Max. activation current

50 mA


1,500 V

Mechanical Features

Terminal protection

IP 20 (IEC 60529)

Screw-in fasteners


DIN rail (with accessory)

See Code

Housing material / colour

Lexan 923 / RAL 7035

Self-extinguishing class

UL94 V0

Product standards

IEC 60044-1


Two wire (S1-S2)
connection type

Screw-in terminal
(pzl screw)

Dimensions of rigid/flexible conductors

0.1...2.5 mm²
/ 27...12 AWG

Connection to protection and measurement devices (RCD, RCM)

Cabling with wire section ≥ 1 mm²

0...1 m

Cabling with braided and
shielded wire section ≥ 1 mm²

0...10 m


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WGC Earth Leakage Relay CT

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