Hobut M850-LRC Multifunction Meter Series c/w Rogowksi Coil Sets

Hobut M850-LRC Multifunction Meter Series c/w Rogowksi Coil Sets


£246.00 inc. VAT

Product Description

Hobut's M850-LRC is a unique combination of a 3 phase digital universal metering system and Rogowski coils. It can be used on any voltage system with a wide range of inputs, and incorporates a universal AC or DC auxiliary power supply. One unit covers the majority of applications and wiring systems without any modification required, making the M850-LRC ideal for stocking.

The M850-LRC supports up to three Rogowski coils for measuring current. By combining the meter with one or more M240-RCM coils the M850 can measure current up to 4000A. To maintain accuracy and resolution, three ranges of the meter can be ordered: 0‐500 0‐2000A or 0‐4000A. Example: Nominal current is 400 Amps, you would choose the 0‐500A meter.

Other frequency and auxiliary options are available upon request.

Product Features:
  • Configurable Pulse and Modbus RTU output
  • Large multicolored back-lit display
  • Measures between 10-4000 Amps (Depending on model type)
  • Power Quality & Energy Monitoring
  • Easy installation




50Hz (60Hz available upon request)

Rated Un

28V - 330V L-N
48 - 570V L-L
(280V L-N nominal)


800V continuous



Cut-Off Point

2% Un nominal

Rated In

A1: 10 - 500A

A2: 40 - 2000A
A3: 80 - 4000A



100 - 440V AC 45 - 65Hz
100 - 420V DC


< 10VA


Installation Category

III (480 VAC ph/ph)

Degree of Pollution


Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage

IEC 60947-1-V imp: 4kV

Meter Front

Class II

Electrical Security

IEC 61010-1

Inputs + Aux to Case

4 kV rms 50 Hz for 1 min

Inputs + Aux to RS485

3kV rms 50 Hz for 1 min

Inputs + Aux to Relay

1.5kV rms 50 Hz for 1 min

LV DC Aux to Inputs

1.5kV rms 50 Hz for 1 min

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electrostatic Discharges

IEC 61000-4-2-Level III

Radiated Radio-Hz Fields

IEC 61000-4-3-Level III

Electrical Fast Transient / Bursts

IEC 61000-4-4-Level III

Impulse Waves

IEC 61000-4-5-Level III

Conducted Disturbances

IEC 61000-4-6-Level III

Voltage Dips & Short Interruptions

IEC 61000-4-11

Conducted and Radiated Emissions

CISPR11-Class A


Working Temperature

-20 to +70°C

Storage Temperature

-30 to +80°C

Relative Humidity

0 - 95% non condensing


30g in 2 planes


Standard DIN Case

DIN 96x96

Panel Mount

Via 4 Retaining Brackets

Panel Cut-Out

92+0.8mm x 92+0.8mm


Black Polycarbonate


Current 6mm²

All others 2.5mm²

IP Rating Front

IP52 / Nema 12

IP Rating Case

IP30 / Nema 1


0.25kg / 0.66lb


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Hobut M850-LRC Multifunction Meter Series c/w Rogowksi Coil Sets

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