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Crompton Instruments Integra 1630 Digital Metering System (INT1630-M-5-M-010)

Manufacturer Part No: INT1630-M-5-M-010

Crompton Instruments Integra 1630 Digital Metering System (INT1630-M-5-M-010)

Manufacturer Part No: INT1630-M-5-M-010


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Product Description

Integra 1630 digital metering system provides high accuracy of 0.2% measurement, display, and communication of all major electrical and power quality parameters, including total harmonic distortion (THD) measurement up to the 31st harmonic.

To suit multiple applications, the INT1630 measures single-phase, three-phase-three-wire, and three-phase four-wire circuits, all selectable at the point of installation.



Nominal input voltage

57.7 to 277V L-N, 100 to 480V L-L

Max. continuous input voltage

120% of nominal

Max. short duration input voltage

2 x nominal for 1 second, repeated 10 times at 10-second intervals

System VT ratios (primary)

Any significant 4-digit integer value up to 400kV **

Nominal input voltage burden


Nominal input current

5A (1 option)

System CT primary values

Any integer value up to 9999A **

Max. continuous input current

120% nominal

Max. short duration input current

20 x nominal for 1 second, repeated 5 times at 5-minute intervals

Nominal input current burden

< 0.6 VA** maximum CT and VT ratios are limited so that the combination of primary voltage and current do not exceed 360MW at 120% of relevant input

Output Modules (optional)

RS485 communications

2-wire half-duplex

Baud rates

4800, 9600, 19200, 38400


Solid-state relays

Pulse duration

60, 100 or 200 milliseconds

Contact rating

50mA max at 250V AC max

Pulsed outputs

1 or 2


Standard nominal supply

100-250V AC or DC voltage: (85-287V AC absolute limits) (85-312V DC absolute limits)

AC supply frequency range


AC supply burden


Optional auxiliary DC supply

12-48V DC
(10.2-60V DC absolute limits)

DC supply burden


Measuring Ranges


80-120% of nominal (functional 5-120%)


5-120% of nominal



Power factor

0.8 capacitive–1–0.8 inductive

(functional 4 quadrant, 0-1 lag/lead)


Up to 31st harmonic 0-40%
Measured voltage >5% of range
Measured current >5% of nominal
Full accuracy of voltage >25% of range
Full accuracy of current >25% of nominal


7-digit resolution

Reference Conditions

Ambient temperature

23 ±1°C

Input frequency

50 or 60Hz ±2%

Input waveform

Sinusoidal (distortion factor < 0.005)

Auxiliary supply voltage

Nominal ±1%

Auxiliary supply frequency

Nominal ±1%

AC auxiliary supply waveform

Sinusoidal (distortion factor < 0.05)

Magnetic field of external origin

Terrestrial flux



±0.17% of range maximum


±0.17% of nominal


±0.15% of mid frequency

Active power

±0.2% of range maximum

Power factor

1% of unity

Reactive power (VAr)

±0.5% of range maximum

Apparent power (VA)

±0.2% of range maximum



Neutral current calculated

±0.95% of nominal


0.3% of range maximum (Better than class 1) IEC1036 Sect 4.6


0.6% of range maximum

Temperature coefficient

Voltage and current typical: 0.013%/°C Watts typical: 0.018%/°C


Enclosure style

DIN 96 panel mount

Compliant with

IEC 1010-1/ BSEN 61010-1 : 2001 CAT III, CE EMC and LVD directives




Shrouded screw-clamp 0.05mm to 4mm wire

Dielectric voltage

Withstand test 3.25kV RMS 50Hz for 1 minute between all electrical circuits

Operating temperature

-20 to +60°C

Storage temperature

-30 to +80°C

Relative humidity

0-90% (non condensing)

Warm-up time

1 minute


30g in 3 planes


10-18Hz, 1.5mm peak-to-peak 18-150Hz @1g

IP protection



96mm wide x 96mm high x 79mm deep (max). Typically <60mm depth behind panel 3.78" wide x 3.78" high x 3.11" deep (max)

Panel cut-out

92mm x 92mm, 3.62" x 3.62"


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