Paladin Advantage Universal Programmable Transducer (254-XZZ)

Paladin Advantage Universal Programmable Transducer (254-XZZ)


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Product Description

The Paladin Advantage, 254-XZZ, is a programmable transducer which provides measurement isolation and conversion of all main electrical parameters into an industry standard DC output signal. The 254-XZZ can be used in single and three-phase balanced or unbalanced three or four-wire electrical systems. It has an accuracy of CL0.2 and includes RS485 Modbus RTU communications protocol and pulse/alarm output as standard.

The 254-XZZ is an accurate device for the conversion of all main electrical parameters into a Voltage or mA output and provides measurement, isolation and conversion of up to four user defined inputs and outputs. The device is supplied programmed to the users requirements but can be easily be reprogrammed to suit any application. Designed, developed and manufactured in the EU, with integrated microprocessor for exceptional waveform handling of distorted waveforms.

The 254-XZZ is ideal for low, medium and high voltage applications and provides a high protection against continuous and short circuit protection as well as galvanically isolated inputs and outputs.
Product Features:
  • RS485 Modbus
  • RTUAlarm/Pulse output
  • Class 0.2 accuracy



Nominal input voltage

57.7V - 277V AC L-N (100 -480V L-L) 480V MAX

Max. continuous input overload voltage

120% of nominal

Max. short duration input voltage (300 msec)

2 x nominal voltage

Nominal input voltage burden

< 0.5VA per phase

Nominal input current

1A AC or 5A AC rms

Max. continuous input overload current

2 x nominal voltage

Max. short duration input current (300 msec)

20 x nominal current


Operating range

80-260V AC/DC (+/- 10%) 45-66Hz, 6VA


20-60V AC/DC (+/- 10%) 45-66Hz, 6VA

Supply burden

6 VA


Voltage (V)

< 0.2%

Current (A)

< 0.2%

Neutral current calculated (A)

< 0.1%

Frequency (Hz)

< 0.1 Hz

Power factor (PF)

1% of unity

Active power (W)

+/- 0.2% of range

Reactive power (VAr)

+/- 0.2% of range

Apparent power (VA)

+/- 0.2% of range

Active energy (kWh)

Class 0.2 (IEC 62053-21)

Reactive energy (kVArh)

+/- 0.2% of range

Response time

<200 msec


Voltage (V)

5% to 120% for nominal

Current (A)

5% to 120% for nominal


45-65 Hz


up to 31st harmonic


Analogue output

0... +/- 1mA ___________ 0... +/- 5mA

0... +/- 10mA ___________ 0... +/- 20mA

4... +/- 20mA

0... +/- 1V ___________ 2... +/- 10V

All programmable

Pulse/alarm output relay

User-defined solid state relay

Pulse/alarm contact rating

100mA at 250V

Pulse duration

30msec to 1000 msec

Alarm delay

0-120 secs

Alarm hysteresis

1 - 99%

Alarm type

User-Defined Solid State Relay

Communication protocol

RS485 Modbus RTU


2-wire half-duplex

Baud rate

9600, 19200, 38400


Enclosure style

DIN-rail mounting


100 x 79 x 118mm


Polycarbonate to UL94-V0




Shrouded screw-clamp 0.05-4mm wire


Operating temperature

-10°C to +55°C

Storage temperature

-30°C to +70°C

Relative humidity

0-90% non-condensing


30g in 3 planes


10Hz to 50Hz

Dielectric voltage

Withstand test 4kV, 50Hz for 1 minute between auxiliary/input/output


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