Emlite MP22-RFID Pre-Payment Card Electricity Meter

Emlite MP22-RFID Pre-Payment Card Electricity Meter


£156.00 inc. VAT

Product Description

Emlite's MP22 RFID is a new Pre-payment card electricity meter that has been designed to replace the reconditioned Ampy 5028A and 5188 meters that are currently available.

This is the only MID certified card pre-payment meter available in today’s market. Using RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification), the credit from the pre-payment cards are transferred without the requirement to insert the card. This is a modern and ideal solution for Caravan Parks, Marinas, and Rental Property.

The programming card is required to change rate's on the meter. (We can set the meter to a rate you specify before dispatch if you do not wish to purchase one).

Product Features:
  • Pre-payment functionality
  • MID B+D certified
  • 2 rate tariff option
  • Friendly non-disconnect times
  • Emergency credit function
  • Standing charge option
  • Debt recovery option
  • Optional 'Timer Mode'
  • Unique card codes to prevent fraud


Voltage nominal 220V-240V (276 Maximum)
Current 5, 10, 15 and 20 A (100A Maximum)
Accuracy energy Class B to EN 50470 1-3
Accuracy reactive energy Class 2 to IEC 62053-23
Terminal size 8.2 diameter


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