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Circutor WGC Earth Leakage Relay Current Transformer series

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The WGC CT series is designed for the RGU Earth Leakage relay and has a vairety of apperature models for different system requirements (25mm-140mm).

​Designed to work with the relays of the WGC series, the sensitivity of the transformer-relay set is established by the connected relay​.

WGC Core Balance Current Transformer's are identical 


WGC Model Dimensions 

  • WGC 25: Aperture= 25,Width= 60.5, Height 64 (WGC 25)
  • WGC 35:Aperture= 35, Width=70,5, Height 75.5 (WGC 35)
  • WGC 55: Aperture=55, Width=92, Height 98 (WGC 55)
  • WGC 80: Aperture=80, Width=124.5, Height 130 (WGC 80)
  • WGC 110: Apperture=110,Width=163, Height168 (WGC110)
  • WGC 140: Aperture= 140, Width=201, Height 206 (WGC140)


Circutor WGG Current Transformer series for RGU.pdf