Ampy Prepayment Card Meter (5188A)

Manufacturer Part No: 5188A

Ampy Prepayment Card Meter (5188A)

Manufacturer Part No: 5188A


£114.00 inc. VAT

Product Description

The Ampy magnetic card pre-payment meter offers a cost effective solution to secure revenue and reduce debts from non payment of bills.

Each order will come with a programming card.

Please note this item is manufacturer refurbished.

These meters require programming so please allow time for them to be delivered.

Product Features:
  • Certified & approved to BS EN61036, Class 2
  • All solid state with 16 character LCD
  • Standing Charge + Debt collection
  • Emergency Credit
  • Up to 4 tariff rates
  • Internal Real Time Clock with programmable switching
  • Disconnection override facility
  • Auxiliary relay Terminals
  • Audible disconnect warning
  • Reverse power detection


Programming Methods (After the insertion of a valid METERMAN card the following parameters can be viewed/modified using the two push buttons on the meter).

E CRED £XXX.XX Emergency Credit Value
E.AVAIL £XXX.XX Emergency Credit Availability Point
RATE Z XXX.XXppu 1/100 of pence per kWh for all rates
T.DEBT £XXXX.XX Outstanding Debt
DEBT/WK £XXX.XX Debt Collection per week
STCH/WK XXX.XX Standing Charge per week
ZZ:ZZ RW XX YY Displayed for up to 15 time switches
TIME HH:MM Current Time
DAY DD/MM/YYYY Current Date
EC&DIS TO CLEAR Clear Meter enable request

Resetting the Meter

If rate 1 was set to “0” then ‘EC&DIS TO CLEAR’ will be displayed at the end of the programming cycle. If both the emergency credit and display buttons are pressed together then the following parameters are reset to 0:

  • Emergency Credit Value
  • Emergency Credit availability Point
  • Pence per kWh for all rates
  • Outstanding Debt
  • Debt Collection per Week
  • Standing Charge per week
  • Total Cards
  • Total Credit
  • Credit (Debt)
  • Reverse running


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