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Accuenergy Acuvim II W Series - Includes Power Quality Analysis

Data Logging - Up to 16 over/under alarms/Acuview Software, 3 historical profile data logs, 16MB Memory

Power Quality Analysis - Harmonic Distortion up to 63rd, Sag/Swell monitoring, Frequency Variations and Power Factor 

8 Additional Modules below including WIFI, BACnet-IP, and Modbus TCP-IP 100ms refresh rate!

Accuracy Class 0.2 as standard 

WIFI connection available for remote monitoring


£680.40 inc VAT


The Acuvim II W Series are high-end Multifunction Energy meters ideal for monitoring and controlling of power distribution systems. Through meticulous engineering efforts by Accuenergy, the Acuvim meter series are capable of meeting the toughest standards and ratings including Class 0.2 accuracy, 400 Parameters, and a 100ms Refresh rate!

With multiple modular I/O communication options for Modbus, Ethernet, Profibus DP and Bacnet the Acuvim II is one of the most versatile meters on the market!

Acuvim II W Models/Modules available - 100ms Refresh rate:

  • Standard model: Modbus-RTU, DNP 3.0, Datalogging (No AXM plug-in expansion modules)
  • AXM-NET: Modbus-TCP, HTTP Web server, SMTP Email
  • AXM-NET-P: Modbus-TCP, HTTP Web server, SMTP Email, HTTP Push
  • AXM-BIP: BACnet-IP
  • AXM-RS485: Modbus RTU
  • AXM-WIFI: Unique WIFI Module - Direct data transfer via WIFI


Metering Real Time Metering Phase Voltage V1,V2,V3, Vlnavg
Line Voltage V12,V23,V31, Vlnavg
Current l1,l2,l3, lavg
Power P1, P2, P3, Psum
Reactive Power Q1, Q2, Q3, Qsum
Apparent Power S1, S2, S3, Ssum
Power Factor PF1, PF2, PF3, PF
Frequency F
Load Features Load Features
Four Quadrant Powers  Four Quadrant Powers
Energy & Demand  Energy  Ep_imp, Ep_exp, Ep_total, Ep_net, Epa_imp, 
Epa_exp, Epb_imp, Epb_exp, Epc_imp, Epc_exp
Reactive Energy  Ep_imp, Ep_exp, Ep_total, Ep_net, Epa_imp, 
Epa_exp, Epb_imp, Epb_exp, Epc_imp, Epc_exp
Apparent Energy Es,Esa, Esb, Esc
Demand  Dmd_P, Dmd_Q, Dmd_S, Dmd_l1, Dmd_l2, 
TOU Time of Use Energy/max demand TOU 4 Tariffs, 12 Seasons, 14 Schedules       
Daylight saving time  Two Adjustable Formats Month/Day/Hour/Minute      
Month/Week/First few weeks/Hour/Minute
Monitoring  Waveform Capture Voltage and Current Waveform  Trigger, Manual, DI change, Sag/Dips, Swell, Over Current      
Power Quality  Voltage Unbalance Factor U_unbl
Current Unbalance Factor I_unbl
Voltage THD THD_V1, THD_V2, THD_V3, THD_Vavg
Current THD THD_l1, THD_l2, THD_l3, THD_Vavg
Individual Harmonics Harmonics 2nd to 63rd (50Hz or 60Hz)
Harmonics 2nd to 15th (400Hz)
Voltage Crest Factor Crest Factor
Current K Factor  K Factor
Statistics MAX with Time Stamp Each Phase of V& I; Total of P, Q, S, PF & F; Demand of l1, l2, l3, P, Q&S; Each phase THD of V & I; Unbalance factor of V & I 
MIN with Time Stamp
Others Alarm Over/Under Limit Alarm V,I, P, Q , S, PF, V_THD & I_THD Each Phase and Total or Average; Unbalance Factor of V & I; Total or Average; Unbalance Factor of V & I; Load Type; Analog Input of Each Channel; Demand of l1, l2, l3, P,Q & S; Reverse phase sequence; Dl1- Dl28
Power Quality  Sag/Dips, Swell Voltage       
Event Logging 
Data logging  Data Logging 1

Data Logging 2

Datalogging 3
F, V1/2/3/lnavg, V12/23/33/lavg, l1/2/3/n/avg,P1/2/3/sum, Q1/2/3/sum, S1/2/3/sum, PF1/2/3, PF, U_unbl, I_unbl, Load Type, Ep_imp, Ep_exp, Ep_total, Ep_net, Eq_imp, Eq_exp, Eq_total, Eq_net, Es_Epa_imp, Epa_exp, Epb_imp, Epb_exp, Epc_imp, Epc_exp, Eqa_imp, Eqa_exp, Eqb_imp, Eqb_exp, Eqc_imp, Eqc_exp, Esa, Esb, Esc, THD_V1/2/3/avg, THD_l1/2/3/avg, Harmonics 2nd to 63rd, Crest Factor, THFF, K, Factor, Sequence and Phase Angles, DI Counter, AL, AO, Dmd, P/Q/S, Dmd l1/2/3  


Acuvim-II-Multifunction-Power-Energy-Meter-Brochure-Datasheet.pdf Acuvim-II-Power-Meter-User-Manual-1040E1303.pdf