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Itron Axonic DN65mm Flanged Ultrasonic Flow Heat Meter (AX-CH24C11Z10FM1EN)

Itron Axonic DN65mm Flanged Ultrasonic Flow Heat Meter (AX-CH24C11Z10FM1EN)


£877.80 inc. VAT

Product Description

Itron's Axonic is a static ultrasonic flow meter perfectly adapted to the needs of district heating and cooling applications. It has been developed for heating and cooling applications where water is used as an energy transfer medium. Axonic is equipped with a universal interface which allows it to be easily combined with Itron calculators such as CF51, CF55 or CF800.

Product Features:
  • No battery required - power by calculator MID approved
  • Available for Heating or Cooling applications (This model is Heating only)
  • Flanged - No BSP Pockets required Multiple calculator options available


Maximum overflow qss (m³/h)


Maximum flow qs (m³/h)


Nominal flow qp (m³/h)


Minimum flow (R250) qi (l/h)


Cut off flow qc (l/h)


Dynamic range (approval)


Accuracy class

EN1434 class C2

Head loss qp (bar)


Flow profile sensitivity class


Water temperature (heat version) °C


Water temperature (cooling version) °C


Ambient temperature °C

-25°C … +60°C

Storage / transport temperature °C

-25°C … +60°C


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Itron Axonic DN65mm Flanged Ultrasonic Flow Heat Meter (AX-CH24C11Z10FM1EN)

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