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Eastron SDM630 Modbus V2 100A Three Phase Multifunction DIN Rail Energy Meter

Eastron SDM630 Modbus V2 100A Three Phase Multifunction DIN Rail Energy Meter


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Product Description

Eastron's SDM630 Modbus V2 100A Three Phase Multifunction Energy Meter will measure and display all the fundamental electrical parameters for a cost-effective price, making it the ideal choice for sub-billing and energy management. The unit has built-in pulse and RS485 Modbus RTU outputs, and measures both single and three phase supplies.

Product Features:
  • Measures kWh Kvarh, KW, Kvar, KVA, P, F, PF, Hz, dmd, V, A, etc.
  • Bi-directional measurement IMP & EXP
  • Two Pulse outputs
  • RS485 Port MODBUS RTU
  • DIN-Rail Mounted
  • 100A Direct Connection
  • Class 1.0 Accuracy
  • 72mm 4 modual width


Measuring Parameters

The unit can monitor and display the following parameters of a Single Phase Two Wire (1P2W), Three Phase Three Wire (3P3W) or Three Phase Four Wire (3P4W) system.

Voltage and Current

  • Phase to Neutral Voltages 100-289V AC (not for 3P3W supplies).
  • Phase to Phase Voltages 173-500V AC (3 Phase supplies only).
  • Percentage Total Voltage Harmonic Distortion (U%THD) for each Phase to N ( not for 3P3W supplies).
  • Percentage Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion (U%THD) between Phases (3 Phase supplies only).
  • Percentage CurrentTotal Harmonic Distortion (I%THD)for each Phase.

Power factor and Frequency and Max. Demand

  • Frequency inHz
  • Instantaneous power:
  • Power 0-3600MW
  • Reactive Power 0-3600 MVAr
  • Volt-Amps 0-3600MVA
  • Maximum Demand Power since last reset
  • Power factor
  • Maximum neutral Demand Current, since the last reset (forThree Phase supplies only)

Energy Measurements

Imported/Exported active energy

0 to 9999999.9 kWh

Imported/Exported reactive energy

0 to 9999999.9 kVArh

Total active energy

0 to 9999999.9 kWh

Total reactive energy

0 to 9999999.9 kVArh

Measured Inputs

Voltage inputs through 4-way fixed connector with 25mm² stranded wire capacity. Single Phase Two Wire(1P2W), Three Phase Three Wire (3P3W) or Three Phase Four Wire (3P4W) unbalanced. Line frequency measured from L1 Voltage or L3 Voltage.

Nominal Voltage Input

100-289V AC (Ph+N) or 173-500V AC (Ph+Ph)

Max Continuous Voltage

120% of Nominal

Nominal Input Current

0.5-10(100)A AC

Max Continuous Current

120% of Nominal


50Hz ±10%



0·5% of range maximum


0·5% of range nominal


0·2% of mid-frequency

Power Factor

1% of unity (0.01)

Active Power (W)

±1% of range maximum

Reactive Power (VAr)

±1% of range maximum

Apparent Power (VA)

±1% of range maximum

Active Energy (Wh)

Class 1 IEC 62053-21

Reactive Energy (VARh

±1% of range maximum

Total Harmonic Distortion

1% up to 31st harmonic

Response time to step input

1s, typical, to >99% of final reading, at 50 Hz

Auxiliary Support

This unit does not require a separate auxiliary supply as it is self-powered from the Voltage Inputs.

Interfaces for External Monitoring

Three interfaces are provided:

  • RS485 communication channel that can be programmed for Modbus RTU protocol
  • Relay output indicating real-time measured energy (configurable)
  • Pulse output 3200IMP/kWh (not configurable)

The Modbus configuration (baud rate etc.) and the pulse relay output assignments (kW/kVArh, import/export etc.) are configured through the set-up screens

SDM630 - Modbus (RS485 Output for Modbus RTU & Pulsed Output)

For Modbus RTU, the following RS485 communication parameters can be configured from the set-up menu:

Baud Rate

2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400


None(default) /Odd /Even

Stop Bits

1 or 2

RS485 Network Address

3 Digit Number - 001 to 247


Word order Hi/Lo byte order is set automatically to normal or reverse. It cannot be configured from the set-up menu.

Reference Conditions of Influence Quantities

Influence Quantities are variables that affect measurement errors to a minor degree. Accuracy is verified under nominal value (within the specified tolerance) of these conditions.

Ambient temperature

23°C ±1°

Input waveform

50 or 60Hz ±2%

Input waveform

Sinusoidal (distortion factor < 0·005)

Auxiliary supply voltage

Nominal ±1%

Auxiliary supply frequency

Nominal ±1%

Auxiliary supply waveform (if AC)

Sinusoidal (distortion factor < 0·005)

Magnetic field of external origin

Terrestrial flux


Operating temperature

-25°C to +55°C*

Storage temperature

-40°C to +70°C*

Relative humidity

0 to 95%, non-condensing


Up to 3000m

Warm up time

1 minute


10Hz to 50Hz, IEC 60068-2-6, 2g


30g in 3 planes

*Maximum operating and storage temperatures are in the context of typical daily and seasonal variation


DIN rail dimensions

72mm x 100mm (WxH) per DIN 43880


DIN rail (DIN 43880)


IP51 indoor


Self-extinguishing UL 94 V-0


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