AC Current Switch (CSW-NO-FSD)

Manufacturer Part No: CSW-NO-FSD

AC Current Switch (CSW-NO-FSD)

Manufacturer Part No: CSW-NO-FSD


£30.00 inc. VAT

Product Description

The CSW-FSD switch monitors current flowing to electrical equipment/systems and allowing the connected circuit to trip at the devices set-point (closes switch).

The Current Switches have a power LED which indicates if there is too much current flowing in the conductor to operator the device (typically 1A (230V)).

Product Features:
  • Auto-ranging up to 200A
  • Power induced from monitored conductor
  • True digital switching and very low leakage
  • Small compact size
  • Easy field adjustment with status LEDs
  • Choice of output rating
  • Fixed or adjustable setpoint


Power Supply None - self powered
Setpoint Solid core - 0.5A...200A Split core - 1.5A...200A (CSF fixed at 0.5A)
Output Switch Solid state 0.3A @ 135V ac/dc ASx2 1A @250 vac
Hysteresis < 2% FS max
Response Time < 200 mS
Enclosure Size Solid core - 61 x 90 25mm Split core - 63 100 32mm
Enclosure Material UL 94-0 flammability rated ABS
Conductor hole size Solid core - 19mm diameter Split core - 22.6 x 22.6mm
Operating Temperature -25°C to +70°C
Certification CE, UL and RoHS


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